*** Eastern Sierras ***

August  2000

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Yosemite Nat'l Park.jpg (841445 bytes)
Yosemite Nat'l Park

Devil's Postpile Nat'l Monument.jpg (917545 bytes)
Devil's Postpile

On top of Devil's Postpile.jpg (693764 bytes)
Strawberry atop Devils Postpile
StrawB on Mosquito Flat Trail.jpg (860471 bytes)
Mosquito Flat Trail
Twin Lakes.jpg (356249 bytes)
Twin Falls
Abe at Silver Lake.jpg (911623 bytes)
Abe at Silver Lake
Coffee Cans.jpg (619997 bytes)
Coffee Cans
Crystal Lake.jpg (899099 bytes)
Strawberry at Crystal Lake
Lake George.jpg (928925 bytes)
Lake George
Minaret Falls.jpg (752850 bytes)
Minaret Falls
Mosquito Flat.jpg (1055554 bytes)
Long Lake
at Mosquito Flat
Red Mountain reflected on Lake Mary.jpg (866071 bytes)
Red Mountain reflects on Mary's Lake
Self-portrait at Hoseshoe Lake.jpg (993274 bytes)
Self portrait at Horseshoe Lake
Strawberry at TJ Lake.jpg (990530 bytes)
Strawberry at TJ Lake
Tufa formations at Mono Lake.jpg (949336 bytes)
Tufa formations on Mono Lake

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