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Purple Flowers
Evanston, IL
Christmas Leaves in Golden Gate Park 12-00.jpg (146313 bytes)
Christmas in Strybing Gardens
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Rock Rose

Rose at Gamble Gardens2 6-01.jpg (135743 bytes)
Rose at Gamble Gardens

Rose at Gamble Gardens2 6-01.jpg (136135 bytes)
Another Rose at Gamble Gardens
Tending to Gamble Gardens 6-01.jpg (153072 bytes)
Tending to Gamble Gardens
Peruvian Lillies 6-01.jpg (121550 bytes)
Butterfly Flower
Strawberry at Gamble Gardens 6-01.jpg (131092 bytes)
Strawberry in Gamble Gardens
Fountain Grass 9-01.jpg (113282 bytes)
Fountain Grass
White Flowers 9-01.jpg (62745 bytes)
White Cosmos
Cosmos 9-01.jpg (68392 bytes)

Cherry Blossom



Clay Pots


Tulips in the Wind
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