*** Visit to Gualala ***

California's Mendonoma Coast

August  2006

The Russian-style architecture of St. Orres

Cottage at St. Orres

Moon romances the sun

Strawberry on St. Orres deck

A spell from fishing

Franny's Cup & Saucer

Point Arena, CA

Pair of hearts

Point Arena Lighthouse

Strawberry climbs the lighthouse's 165 stairs

View through lighthouse window

Lighthouse staircase 115 feet to the top

The lighthouse's First Order Fresnel lens, decommissioned in 1977

This lens is over 6 feet in diameter and weighs over 6 tons!

The new light a 40 pound aircraft-type beacon

Point Arena coastline

Strawberry enjoys a warm fire and a soft chair

Gualala's wildlife

All photos © 1998-2016 Abe Kleinfeld unless noted otherwise

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