*** Jazz Joins the Family ***

Our Fawn Abyssinian Kitten

November  2011

Zulu's not so sure she wants a little brother

Ready to take the big step

Jazz's First Portrait

Looking Up

Checking things out

Jazz gives Zulu his best "Halloween Cat" imitation

Good Catch!

Give them to me

Two pounds vs. thirty


Ying and Yang

Jazz reflected

In the sun

It's been a hard day

Man up!

Nap time

Jazz and Zulu

Why is that camera in my face?

Cats love dripping faucets

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Growing up with Zulu

Light shines on Jazz

A peaceful moment

Zulu and Jazz in window

Jazz at 10 1/2 months

Big Eye

All photos © 1998-2012 Abe Kleinfeld unless noted otherwise

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