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Autumn in Los Altos1 11-00.jpg (948012 bytes)
Autumn in Los Altos #1

Autumn in Los Altos2 11-00.jpg (973649 bytes)
Autumn in Los Altos #2

Backyard Meadow 6-00.jpg (926447 bytes)
Backyard Meadow
Filoli path 6-00.jpg (446198 bytes)
Filoli Path
Top of the World 4-99.jpg (666696 bytes)
Top of the World
Gabi & Melanie.jpg (367343 bytes)
Gabi & Melanie
Stanford Wedding 3-01.jpg (639942 bytes)
Stanford Wedding
Jan Marie gets ready for school.jpg (385190 bytes)
Jan Marie in School Atire
Strawberry in Filoli 5-99.jpg (405691 bytes)
Jan Marie
Jan Marie on Mt. Tam.jpg (404926 bytes)
Jan Marie
Los Altos Barber Shop 11-00.jpg (356642 bytes)
Al's Barber Shop
Rusting Mailbox 11-00.jpg (669497 bytes)
Woman Reading 12-00.jpg (563903 bytes)
Woman Reading
Red Leaves 7-00.jpg (633405 bytes)
Red Leaves
StrawB & Abe on Mt. Tam.jpg (708723 bytes)
Jan Marie and Abe
The Lone Cypress 4-00.jpg (413442 bytes)
The Lone Cypress
Napa Valley Spring 3-01.jpg (1829871 bytes)
Napa Valley in Spring
StrawB & Willies in Sun 6-01.jpg (131023 bytes)
Jan Marie & Kitties
StrawB at Sunset POD 11-17-01.jpg (75312 bytes)
Strawberry at Sunset

July 4th Fireworks

October Sky

Jan Marie in Feathers

Fall Colors in Woodside

Clearing Storm

Duck under Pier

All photos 1998-2003 Abe Kleinfeld unless noted otherwise

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