*** Weekend in San Francisco ***

We spent a weekend being tourists in our own city

May  2007

San Francisco's Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge

San Francisco Hyatt Regency's Elevators

Hyatt Regency's Lobby from the 16th floor

Looking through the Hyatt's Eclipse sculpture

Pedestrian crossing

Jan Marie dressed as a butterfly to run the infamous Bay to Breakers Race

It is a tradition (one of many) to run the race in costume, or... sans costume

Inside the Ferry Building

Read about its history

Trombonist John Hunt of the San Francisco Medicine Ball Band belts out a tune

We went "clubbing" at the Caffe Trieste in Sausalito

"Passage" Sculpture at San Francisco's Pier 14

Architectural diversity on Annie Street

All photos © 1998-2016 Abe Kleinfeld unless noted otherwise

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