*** The Kitties ***


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Rocky and his Mouse.jpg (445231 bytes)
Rocky and his Mouse

Willie, Pooh & Piglet 2-01.jpg (1053341 bytes)

The Willies.jpg (202848 bytes)
Willie & Sissy

Rocky at 10 weeks
Rocky enjoys the sun 11-00.jpg (445033 bytes)
Rocky in Sun
Rocky in Window.jpg (328995 bytes)
Rocky in Window
Rocky sunbathes 10-99.jpg (114290 bytes)
Rocky, Willie & Sissy 12-99.jpg (463673 bytes)
Rocky, Sissy & Willie
Rocky's Calendar Pin-Up Shot.jpg (67635 bytes)
Rocky's Calendar Pose

Sissy in Red
Willie with Tulip.jpg (309596 bytes)
Willie with Tulip
Rocky ponders.jpg (543355 bytes)
Rocky1 in BW.jpg (212155 bytes)
Say what?!?!?
Sissy Reads.jpg (543974 bytes)
Sissy & bestseller
Sissy on Father's Day 6-00.jpg (525350 bytes)
Birthday party
Rocky4.jpg (52929 bytes)
Rocky at age 1
Sissy in Box.jpg (322025 bytes)
Sissy in Box
RockyA.jpg (99390 bytes)
Rocky as kitten
Willie 9-01.jpg (65865 bytes)
Rocky Sings 9-01.jpg (64575 bytes)
Rocky Sings
StrawB & Sissy 10-01.jpg (64596 bytes)
Strawberry & Sissy

Sissy & Willie

Rocky's 5th Birthday

Freddy, the Neighbor Kitten

Rocky at Ages 6 and 1

Double Vision

Rocky looks out Window

Bad Day to be a Mouse

Rocky's Stare

Rocky's Autumn View


Freddy on Railing

Sun Shines on Rocky

Charlie and his umbrella

Charlie sneaks a look

Rocky gets a drink

Freddie and the Bears

Cat in Bag

Rocky the Deer Hunter
Sissy's XMas
Rocky's Close-Up

Rocky Sunbathes

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