*** Zabriskie Point and Gower Gulch Trail ***

Death Valley National Park

November  2004

Strawberry on trail to Zabriskie Point

Valley view from Zabriskie Trail

The Climb

Strawberry surveys a strange land

Signs from the August '04 "20-year flood"

Hwy. 190's Zabriskie Point sign after August '04 flash flood

What's left of Hwy. 190 at Zabriskie Point

21-ton cement and steel restrooms washed 200 feet from their foundations by the flood waters

Closed for remodeling

Parched Ground

The return trip through Zabriskie Badlands, on way to Gower Gulch

Gower Gulch

Cave on Gower Gulch trail


Exiting Gower Gulch into Death Valley

Strawberry above the Valley

A tricky climb


Looking back from the Valley

Hmmm... where exactly did we leave the car?

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The Valley

San Dunes

Grapevine Mountains

All photos © 1998-2016 Abe Kleinfeld unless noted otherwise

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